Hard Working Hands.  Artisanal Technique.

Mike Hauke is the proud owner of Tony's Farm Table and Tony Boloney's pizzeria. Mike has been providing gourmet food and ingredients to his home state of New Jersey since 2010. He has made it his mission to go back to a simpler time of food making by rolling up his sleeves and getting dirty. He has been recognized nationally for his innovation, spirit, and love for food.

How We Started

Born out of a curiosity to create. Starting at Steve & Cookie's Farmers Market in Margate, NJ 2010, we were presented with an opportunity to sell fresh mozzarella & flatbreads. Problem was, we really didn't know much about mozzarella & flatbreads!

Mike taught himself how to make everything from scratch, and his mantra was if we can buy it, we can make it. That's what farmers markets are all about.